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  • Economic Outlook

    1. Overview of Canadian and International Markets and a look at recent market developments.
  • Indexing

    1. Overview of contemporary indexing methodologies and forward-looking indices
  • Active Share Management

    1. Revisiting the active vs. passive and how successful money managers use ETFs.
  • Regulatory Outlook

    1. Regulatory outlook from the OSC and the discussion of client relationship model 2 (CRM2) - To Be Confirmed
  • Financial Disruption

    1. A look at technology disruption in the world of finance. Featuring robo-advisors vs. traditional advisors.
  • ETF Strategy

    1. Discussion of new portfolio construction with the best ETF strategists in Canada

      A Fresh Perspective

    1. With the 25th anniversary of the world's first ETF now behiind us, 2016 kicks off with the CDN ETF industry enjoying momentum, with significant further potential for ETFs. In fact, if everything lines-up properly, 2015's record creations could be dwarfed this year. This won't simply be due to the arrival of new entrants, but will also be the result of pending regulatory changes which should translate into a greater impetus for investors and their advisors to consider the significant value proposition presented by ETFs. Couple this with meaningful new participants in the ETF eco-system - ETF Strategists and ROBO Advisors - which are looking to capture a rapidly growing share of investors' wallets, and the future ought to be nothing but bright.

      Or will it?
      • • The implementation of CRM2 is long overdue, but it appears the Canadian Financial industry would rather continue to defer, delay, and obfuscate.

      • • Market Structure – Canada's powerful financial industry isn't about to give away distribution since it is an absolutely critical strategic advantage. If access remains closely guarded, change will be that much harder to foster, even if change should meaningfully benefit end investors.

      • • Inertia remains a powerful obstacle to investors appreciating the importance of the challenges ahead

      These are some of the reasons behind ETFinsight hosting Ottawa 2016 - an event aimed at engaging various participants in the industry. Participants whom we think can themselves act as powerful catalysts for positive change. We are hopeful that through collaborative and open discussion, leaders in the industry will share best practices and insights for the betterment of Canadian investors overall.


March 3-4, 2016 | Westin Hotel, Ottawa
The event spans 2 days and is hosted in Canada's capital. Registration starts 10:30AM on March 3 and the event will close on March 4 at 4:35PM.
*ETFinsight Ottawa 2016 has applied for CE Credits, and attendees can expect to receive credits subject to confirmation of approval.


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